I am thankful for…

When I am in despair about my life, or thinking that I wish my life was different – one of the best things I find to help is to remind myself of all the wonderful things in my life.   Some people keep a “gratitude” journal.  I’m not always that organized to remember where I wrote it last, so I oftentimes wind up starting my list from scratch, or just thinking it in my head as I drive.  I have various different lists in various different places.  But, I’m thankful for my disorganization!! It reminds me in multiple places how I’m thankful 🙂

  1. Two  wonderful children who are giving, caring and sensitive.  (I hope I can nurture this in them and help them to be themselves and be that well!)
  2. All the time my children and I have had together and have together.  We have had many wonderful blessings in this past year.
    1. Last summer and all the activities we did together
    2. The winter break 2010
    3. Spring break 2011, and Easter with wonderful family
    4. Thursdays or Fridays where my ex picks them up later and we have a chance to see each other and do something together
  3. Wonderful, supportive family
  4. Wonderful, abundant, giving friends, neighbors, teachers, acquaintances
  5. The DV transitional housing place where I volunteer – the opportunity to learn from them, meet them and help them
  6. All the experiences I have had, and the time I have had to grow personally, emotionally, spiritually.
  7. Grateful for the divorce therapy group that I’ve been in and the amazing friendships which have developed
  8. Grateful for making it without a job for this long and being able to spend this time with the kids
  9. Grateful for all I have learned – narcissism, personality disorders, abusiveness, etc.  – which I can eventually teach my children about so that they recognize it in their daily interactions with others
  10. Grateful for my daughter’s school  and teachers and the opportunity for them to be exposed to different cultures and languages (she’s in a public language immersion school)
  11. Grateful for our child care center and the wonderful  teachers there
  12. Grateful!!! That the ex moved 30 miles away, thus negating the ability to be a daily part of the kids lives
  13. Grateful!!! For my daughter’s therapist and how she recognizes the issues with my ex and the risk of it J  It feels so awesome to have her validate that he has a history with anger and that this is an issue for the kids! Yay!!
  14. Grateful for my attorney for having referred me to my daughter’s therapist
  15. Grateful for finding the healing power of energy healing
  16. Grateful for our house, and how the kids love it and it feels like home and filled with love
  17. Grateful for my health and the ability to take care of my kids
  18. Grateful for my daughter’s health
  19. Grateful for my son’s health
  20. Grateful that they consistently stay safe when they are and are not with me, that saints & angels watch over them constantly
  21. Grateful that they are smart and aware
  22. Grateful that  my daughter  is speaking to her therapist about what’s going on with her dad, and that she’s willing to also talk with me
  23. Grateful that my children recognize that there’s something “off” with their dad and his family, the way they interact and the way they are hurtful to each other and to others outside the family
  24. Grateful that my children recognize that my ex’s fixation on being the “Miller” family is peculiar and weird and they don’t want to be “Miller’s” (they are very tribal in their way of operating as a family – either you’re in or you’re out)
  25. Grateful to have Mary, the Mother of Jesus, looking after us and praying intercessory prayers on our behalf
  26. Grateful for the other Angels and Saints which are praying on our behalf
  27. Grateful that those angels fixed my computer (s) and my garbage disposal!!


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