“Oh, Fu@k”

Although I try to always remember the positive, it doesn’t mean that frustration doesn’t set in – it does, on a regular basis.  It did tonight as my 4 year old was told what a consequence would be if he didn’t do what he needed to do – and he responded “Oh, fuck!”.  Thanks a bunch, dear ex.  Earlier in the day, I heard my daughter’s toy tell another one of my daughter’s toys “what the hell?”

Yeah, well that’s what I’d like to know.

Last week, when I was sick, my daughter was sweetly conscious of the level of her voice volume as I laid on the couch next to them while they played.  She asked me “is this okay?”, referencing how quiet she was going.  I told her it was fine, she could speak normally and didn’t have to lower her voice.   She replied “Daddy is always telling us to be quiet.”  (oh, I think, that explains a part of the strange behavior when you returned and acted like you were mute kids).  She then innocently mimicked him … “How many fucking times do I have to tell you to be quiet??”.   Really??  He’s cursing at them??  Is that REALLY necessary?

I used that moment as a teaching opportunity, as my head immediately rushed forward 20 years from now, picturing my daughter being in a serious relationship with a guy who speaks to her the same way.  I asked her if she thought it was okay that he speak to them that way?  <no>  Is it showing respect? <no>.   I  said “look at me, love… no one, NO ONE should speak to another person that way.”


And in case you’re wondering, yes – my 4 year old son CAN conjugate the word “fuck” properly and use different variations of it correctly.  On the grand spectrum of things, it’s a minor blip on the screen.  Unfortunately, there are so many minor blips, that the screen isn’t visible anymore!   I did, for the record, send an email to my ex a few months ago asking him to refrain from cursing in front of them, and if he couldn’t, to please remind them that these are inappropriate words for anyone to be using.  Not surprisingly, I didn’t get a response.

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