Walking on eggshells

I think that the ‘walking on eggshells’ feeling may be more prominent with borderline personality disorder than narcissism.  But since the whole section on personality disorders was re-written anyway… does it matter with where it squarely lands?

Rage… that’s a definite narcissistic trait.  It’s also one which is related to walking on eggshells, as it’s the one that you are trying vehemently to avoid!  Step carefully ladies and gentlemen, because if you take a wrong step… there’s a mine in this here minefield!

Know the feeling?

If only it were predictable.  Narcissists are so predictable in so many ways.  It doesn’t even freaking vary from one narcissist to the next!  The same traits, the same LANGUAGE and SENTENCES are used by narcissists with such consistency that you think they all read the same book (but they can’t read books about personality issues or mental health, because it scares them and they don’t understand it).

What unpredictable rage have you found?

I remember being with my visiting sister and her husband and family one weekend.  We went to church and afterwards stopped to buy bagels.  We brought them home, and my then husband was at home.  He came down to the kitchen to get a bagel.  Out of nowhere, he went off on me about how I didn’t bring home cream cheese.  Really?  I looked at him dumbfounded.  There were five children in his presence and two additional adults, and he’s cursing at me about cream cheese?  So, to offer the benefit of the doubt, I calmly questioned “did you ask me to bring cream cheese?  If you did, I’m sorry I forgot”.  I knew he didn’t – I was just trying to keep a low tone and change the dynamics.  He followed with “we always get cream cheese when we get bagels!!”.  Fact of the matter… we never purchase a dozen bagels, so certainly we don’t “always get cream cheese”!  Thankfully, he went back upstairs in his rage.

Amazing.  And he didn’t think that there was anything odd, unusual or abusive about laying into someone for CREAM CHEESE.


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