PEACE in my ex’s presence

My ex came by my daughter’s lesson today to watch.   It was a wonderful day… it didn’t bother me whatsoever.  I didn’t care that he was there, I didn’t really acknowledge him (we’re the only ones there, it’s not like there are other parents or people to diffuse things).

It’s not that I was peaceful/aka happy he was there, per se.  It really had more to do with the fact that I felt peaceful and happy inside before, during and after he was in our presence.  I had no emotional reaction to his presence.

That felt like a major accomplishment worth acknowledging!

Now… I have to say that I find it curious, interesting and also sad that my kids basically avoid him, whereas in an opposite situation where he has them and I show up — then they are glued to me and thoroughly excited to see me.  Today, my little one still stayed by my side and requested my attention and company… not going over to his father.  My son was caught nearby his dad for a moment right before we were leaving and my ex engaged him in play for about 5 minutes.  My little guy then finds me and requests that I put him in the car.  I didn’t ask why, but I think it was so he could feel he was securely leaving there with me.

Anyway… back to celebrating!  My bubble and the peace within was working today and it was soooo joyous!!

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