What can we do to help our children

I’ve been thinking about this, and am researching it as well.   At this point in time, with the information I have so far, I think that the most important thing we can do is to show our children what normal, healthy, quality relationships and interactions look like.  What is respect, what are boundaries, what does it mean to care about or for someone without taking on their issues?  What does bullying look like (in all forms), what controlling behavior is, and how to be resistant to this type of behavior from other people.

Our school system has been stressing the importance of not using any type of bullying behavior.  I’m so thrilled to see this – as I think it can make a big difference on the next generation.  Even if there is bullying at home, the kids can recognize it for what it is through what they learn at school.  My daughter even brought home a worksheet that was titled “do you bully yourself?”.  Awesome!  It discussed whether the child did any negative self-talk, or did they use “I can do it” language and encourage themselves throughout the day.

Since my kids are little, we are still at very young concepts on bullying – but I certainly try to ask the questions to help them recognize the behavior that they deal with for what it is, and to encourage the fact that they don’t need to feel sorry for or feel guilty when interacting with their dad or their extended family on his side.

I’m thrilled that they are getting information at school too and that this helps to reinforce what I am teaching them!  Woo – hoo!!

Just a thought… if you’re school system isn’t doing these same things… consider talking with the PTA, the principal or the school counselor to see what can be done to boost the anti-bullying education and policies.  There has certainly been enough terrible results from bullying evident in school massacres and such to support it beyond just saying that it would be good for the kids to learn.  It’s a great thing that things aren’t the same as when we were growing up and that we’re getting smarter as a society!!

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