A Narcissist’s Rage

My children returned last week again complaining of their father’s raging.  My daughter said he was “yelling so loud the neighbors would be able to hear”, and that she asked him to be quieter.  I was so saddened by this reaction of her’s – that it was just like someone in an abusive relationship… to hide the abuse from others.

No!  Dear child, you should be yelling from the rooftops.

Is this an abusive environment for  my children?  Yes.  But when is it enough abuse?  Not yet, says my daughter’s therapist, as she tells me of another “case” in which a 12 year old boy  has gone to court 4 times to try to change things because of the way his father scares him.  The judge keeps saying “no changes”.  Maybe the judge just doesn’t get it?  It’s not just “Boo!” type of scaring, dear Judge.  It’s TERRORIZING.  It’s the narcissist saying after a rage how they think they are the kind of person who may lose it one day and blow up a McDonald’s.  This is the type of person who is caring for my children – and other people’s children.  Shouldn’t we protect them?




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