‘Gratitude is the open door to abundance’

This is what my Yogi tea told me today 🙂

So, let me count the ways which I am thankful:

1- I have an attorney who understands domestic violence behaviors & tactics, and even personality disorders.  My attorney & my daughters therapist & my ex’s attorney will be meeting to discuss an evaluation for my son.

2- My kids are with me most of the time, and they are being more and more open about what goes on with their dad.

3- I love my kids (seriously!).  They are sweet, and while there is occasional defiance and other behavioral things – they mean well and just like all of us – they try to do their best.

4- I have people cheering me on – from this website, friends, family.  I feel supported.

5- I have a flexible schedule and time to dedicate to what I need to do for my kids.

I’ll stop here for now (although mentally my list is much longer).

In gratitude…. – N

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