Messages from God

I truly believe that things happen in our lives for a reason.  I don’t think that we have “predefined destiny” – just that God puts things (people, situations, items) in our lives to learn from here and there.  My ex is certainly one of them – as were all the people previously in my life that had the similar trait of ‘bullying’, ‘intimidating’, ‘competitive because they felt threatened’, etc.

Three thing have happened recently that I want to share.

(1) As I was walking down the hallway at my children’s daycare the other day, I had been questioning myself and whether I’ve stood up for my kids where I should and whether I was being the best mother I could be.  A previous teacher for my children walked the other way down the hall, and instead of just telling me “hello”, or “how are you”, she told me out of the blue “You are such a wonderful, loving mother.  Your kids are so lucky”.

I thought “Thank you, God… I needed that“.

(2) I have been trying to find a therapist for my son – and that can be tricky as so many people have preconceived ideas, influences from their own upbringings, or are unaware of the depth of harm a personality disordered person can cause.  Some I have spoken to briefly – but there were two I met in person.  As I went through the issues with my son’s regressive behavior, and their situation with their Dad that might be causing it  – both of these therapists looked at me with very concerned looks on their faces and said:

“Have you considered going back to court to change this visitation schedule?”  and “they are in a very abusive environment”.

Again… “Thank you, God, for telling me clearly what they are dealing with and that I need to take action for them.

(3)  When I picked up my 8 year old daughter from school yesterday, she excitedly reached in her backpack to take out a piece of paper for me.   We have spoken a lot about having faith in God and that he won’t let us down – he will protect them and show us how to make it through the challenges that are in our lives.  At times, she’s yelled back at me that he’s not answering her prayers, and I tell her “yet“, and “He will“.

Here is her picture.  What a lucky mom I am!

God Bless EVERYONE who is impacted by personality disordered individuals … including the person with the personality disorder 🙂


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