A Plea from a Narcissist’s Young Daughter

My 8 year old daughter wrote a book this week.  She asked me if I could take it to a publisher and shout her story loud so that she could get help to “improve her and her brother’s lives”.

These are two of the pages in the book.   I want to help them, I’m trying to help them, and I am calling various groups to see what suggestions they may have.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please comment.  There are many of us in the same situation – maybe we can collectively come up with an answer which we may benefit us all.  I saw a statistic recently that 58,000 kids in the US are ordered into unsupervised visitation with abusive parents each year.  That’s 58,000 voices a year that we could be putting together to build a positive voice about the best solutions for children in these situations.  In my daughter’s words: “Please help me”.


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