What’s your mantra?

man·tra Listen to audio/ˈmɑ:ntrə, Brit ˈmæntrə/ noun

1 :a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating

2 : a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs

3 : In yoga, one’s mantra is usually given by a Guru. But in the absence of a Guru, the individual may choose a mantra that “rings true” to them personally.

4 : Christian mantras can be sections of common prayers, meant to bring about an awareness of God’s loving presence.

Do you have a mantra to take you through the day?  A saying which can true you back to what you believe in, conjure strength for you in the midst of chaos and deep emotion?   While I believe it can change day by day, others believe you choice it for life.  Either way, it’s a very powerful tool to remain centered in the present and on making the best & strongest choices in your life.  Another similar form of this is the “positive affirmation”.

Here’s a few that might work for you, many of which I’ve seen or read elsewhere.  While a mantra can be adopted from elsewhere or uniquely you, it has to really resonate within:

  • Have Faith, Expect Miracles
  • Gratitude = Abundance
  • I love and appreciate myself
  • Support flows to me
  • I release my past and move freely into my future
  • My power is in the present moment
  • My personal power belongs to me
  • My life is what I make of it
  • Only good exists in my life

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