Why we are lucky

Why are co-parents and children in divorced houses with narcissistic parents LUCKY?

Because we LEFT.  We have time to ourselves to breathe, to regroup, to step back and look at all the tactics that are used against us as exactly that… tactics.  When we were in the environment, it was extremely hard to remain centered or balanced – if not impossible.

Because our children don’t have to be with our ex all the time!  They have that same ‘break’ from the narcissistic pressures.

Because we have the opportunity to provide a NORMAL, healthy, supportive environment for our children to compare/contrast against the narcissistic environment.

Because we can peacefully go to sleep each night and ‘release’ our ex to God – knowing in faith that he will take his back and do what we cannot do because we are human and their victim – love them.  God can give us that break.

Because we can grow strong and become healthy and be an amazing example for our children on how to deal with people like this.

Because we can -eventually- give our children permission to choose to be in contact with their narcissistic parent or to completely disconnect.  That “permission” is something that from what I see – most adult children of narcissists have to come to terms with doing this.  “Permission” by the other parent can help our children come to terms with it faster and release the guilt that may be holding them from doing so.

Because we ROCK.  Seriously… think about it… if you are coparenting with an ex who is narcissist… you are STRONG.  You did it – probably with God’s help (whether you are faithful and believe in it or not, I believe He gave you a helping hand), but nonetheless… YOU DID IT.  You found the strength in you to walk away, take back your power and stand up for yourself.

Happy Sunday!

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