The Impact of Family Violence on Boys – an example

Last month I was dismayed how my ex slapped my daughter’s face because she was upset at the haunted house in Disney.

Last week, I was dismayed further as I watched the ripple effect of that. My daughter was upset because a yellow jacket was staying right next to her and her sugary italian ice treat at the pool.  She ran around in panic.  She sat down between me and my son, trying to hide behind my arm.  My son yells at her “Stop your stupid screaming!” and proceeds to bite her hard enough to leave marks.

For my ex, I know that those behaviors occur because he is simply unable to empathize with someone and gets angry when someone is upset in his presence or when he can’t control what is happening around him (he would get angry when I was sick).

For my son, I know he has the capacity to understand others and how they feel, and I know that at this point – he is simply mimicking behavior that he sees from his father on how his father deals with his sister.  I’ve watched this transpire before in other ways – but this particular day when he hurt her for being upset… it really struck home.


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