Daily Affirmations for Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

I like Louise Hay.  She is all about the power of positive thinking, and using affirmations to change our lives.  Regardless of whether it works or it doesn’t in terms of actually changing my life… it makes me FEEL better when I change my thoughts from those of despair, despise and resentment to ‘happy power thoughts’.

This is what is on my fridge now:

I release you, <my dear ex>, I bless you with love and I let you go

Today, I accept for myself the life I desire

I now chose to believe it is EASY to make POWERFUL, POSITIVE changes in my life and my children’s lives

Negative people dissolve (i.e. POOF, baby!) from my life and my children’s lives TODAY.

My children and I attract into our lives ONLY positive, loving, emotionally and mentally healthy people.

Influential professionals who support protecting my children from the abuse of their father through supervised visitation (or better solution), flow abundantly into our lives now.


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