Narcissist’s New Girlfriend, Part 2

Just a quick note to show how narcissists/borderlines cycle through relationships.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about meeting my ex’s most recent new girlfriend, who had been there with my children in “immersion” fashion – basically having moved into my ex’s house with her 3 cats, and several other pets.

It appears that she has left.  Pets are gone, kids spent another week of summer “vacation” with their dad, and there was no sign of this girlfriend.  They did, however, eat dinner together with their Dad’s PREVIOUS girlfriend (“remember Casey, mom?”) for a couple evenings.

Then the other day I met with my daughter’s therapist, who had met with my ex to review the need to have our son evaluated for regressive behaviors (more on this later, it’s really interesting).  The first words out of her mouth?

“He would still get back together with you, you know.”

I looked at her and said how exactly sick that was… and that it’s also terrifying.  It’s terrifying in and of itself, without even considering the other girlfriends that he currently has on tap and is involving our children with.

My daughter’s therapist said “he said he would sleep in your basement for the next ten years if he could just be back together with you.”

This is so incredibly WRONG.    I have prayed that he would move on to his next ‘victim’ – because personality disordered individuals (and even many of us so called ‘healthy’ folks) have a tendency to repeat patterns in their lives.  I know he’s had the same relationship / battle with someone prior to me.  It’s only time until he repeats this with someone else.  I hope and pray that when he does – the focus comes off of our children and onto his new life with this new person.

I should also add a few timeline notes to emphasize the magnitude of this.. We met in 1998.  Married in 2003.  Had daughter in 2004.  Pregnant with son in 2006… ASKED FOR DIVORCE THEN, 6 YEARS AGO.  He moved out a year later, and finally was granted divorce at the end of 2009.  We’ve been divorced officially for 2.5 years now.

Todays’ affirmation continues as:  “I release you, my dear EX.  I bless you with love, and I let you go”.


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