Happy Labor Day

My kids and I just concluded a week’s vacation at the beach with my parents.  My youngest, nerves and all, will begin kindergarten tomorrow.  The last week has been blissful.  We have played in the sand, romped in the waves, fished off a pier (saw someone catch a shark!) and lazily rode bicycles around the streets.  Even with a few “hiccups” along the way – the letter to the president, a number of complaints about their dad, a few nightmares and a conversation with my lawyer about filing a motion – it was such a great de-stressing time.  One of the best parts was that we had 7 days without communication with their father.  No communication = no stress.

We have to interact with him tomorrow on the first day of school briefly.  Hopefully it will all go smoothly.  He can have his prideful, photographed, “aren’t I a great Dad” moment – and then the kids an I can go about our more realistic day.  Interestingly, my daughter wants to make sure he’s only at the bus stop, and that he doesn’t go to her actual school.  She says he is “not invited and not welcome”.  She starts third grade, and clearly remembers the 2 times he’s ever previously shown up there (with disdain).  It’s like the school is her safe haven – the place with “no dad” to bother her, pressure her or yell at her.  She seeks to keep it that way.

My apologies for being quiet during vacation.  I hope everyone else had a blessed labor day weekend as well.

4 Responses to “Happy Labor Day”

  1. Grace says:

    How wonderful! Those rare vacations are really SO needed to help us feel validated and competent (and the mental break from the ex is necessary too!).

    My ex is also doing the “I”m an active, involved dad”. He showed up at the school for our oldest’s first day, and has notified me that he will be at our youngest’s tomorrow as well (the preschool that *I* pay for, but arguing that would only give him the contact with me that he wants, so I will grin and bear it).

    He had the kids on our son’s first day, and I didn’t show up. He texted that he is ‘documenting’ my ‘failure to support our child’. Funny, as 8-time room mom, school auction chair, and the one that takes care of 100% of homework, uniform cost, and extra-curricular activities (both the cost and the actual attending of them), I think it’s okay if I sleep in on my ONE morning ‘off’ 😉

    I didn’t respond that his failure to show at EVERY SINGLE dr’s appointment for our son over the summer as he was being evaluated for ADHD and dyslexia is probably a bigger concern for any judge he tries to involve in my ‘failure’.

    It must be exhausting to be them.

  2. Ana says:

    I hope she finds the peace she needs.

    • Me too, thank you! Turned out that my ex was 45 min late this morning. He missed the bus, but made it to the school just long enough to take a picture with our son and give him a hug. To my knowledge, he didn’t go to our daughter’s room at all. Very glad about that for her sake!

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