Helping Children Cope with Visitation – Empowerment

One of the readers here, Jenelle, also has her own blog and graciously wrote a post upon request outlining what steps she takes to help her children deal with their narcissistic father.  She focuses on empowering her three children through this negative situation and seeing it for what it actually is, limitations and all.

I love how she teaches her daughters about boundaries and healthy relationships, and that when they set a healthy boundary and it is ignored – it is an unhealthy relationship.  This is a great way to explain that it, that is correct to expect that the boundary be respected, and to identify an unhealthy relationship.

And oh my… boy can I relate to trying to battle the father’s perspective that every activity that they do should be focused on winning.  It’s not always about that (yes, sometimes it may be), but for the most part – there are a lot of activities in life which are done because we enjoy them and they make us  happy.

Thanks, Janelle!

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