The truth will set you free

On my phone,I have an app which delivers a daily bible quote to the screen.  Today, I read John 8:32 and thought something different than I have before.  It is “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

I have prayed to know the truth about what goes on for my children with their father.  Particularly in regards to sexual exploration behaviors which seem to be outside the norm of the average child, along with their irritated, red bottoms.  This is how I have traditionally thought about that bible quote.  When these things first started occurring, I almost felt as though I didn’t want to know – because what if there was something happening that I couldn’t successfully change?  At this point, I want to know the truth, and take my chances if there’s anything going on to do whatever I can to change things for them.

Today, I thought of the phrase differently.  There’s another truth that shows up for almost anyone who has been in a relationship with an abusive, personality disordered, narcissistic or sociopathic individual.  At the beginning of the relationship, it is different – a false facade to the real person is presented, which we all willingly believe.  At some point, things change, and the facade isn’t as rock solid as it was before.  Eventually – the truth becomes evident and we realize that the relationship isn’t good for us.  Maybe we know at this point that this person we are with has issues, maybe we don’t.

It hurts to find out that the person we fell in love with isn’t actually what they professed to be.  It sucks to find out it was all a delusion.  We feel fooled, hurt, and find it hard to accept that the world isn’t what we thought it was.  That’s a hard part to get past in many ways – as we then subsequently doubt ourselves in many other aspects of our lives.  We wonder if we’re reading the situation correctly, or see the geniune side of nearly anyone we meet.

I’m using the word “we” because I have heard this from many people who have walked the same road as me, and feel it’s safe to use “we” without offending others.

The great part about this path, though – is that through learning this truth – that is when we can be free.  We can make an informed decision to be with that person or to leave.  We know the truth, and we are free to make our own choices based on that truth.  We learn the truth, and oftentimes set ourselves free from the corrupt, destructive person.

So maybe instead of looking back with remorse, we can now use our knowledge that we have found freedom.  We can look forward to the fact that we did learn the truth, and we can now move forward to a better life.

To Truth!  To Freedom!


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