Unemployed, Going to Court, Car Broken Down & Feeling Thankful

Yesterday was one of those days…  but yet I still felt happy and thankful.  How?

First, let me explain that I’ve been unemployed for 2+ years now.  When the going got tough for my kids making the transition to a new schedule with their dad, I began taking too much of a flexible work schedule with my job.  I didn’t travel as they wanted me to, and I often worked until late in the night to compensate for going in late or leaving early to go to parent coordinator meetings, taking my daughter to her therapist and getting my son his life saving aquatic survival skills training.  My employer & I came to agreement that it was time for me to stop working for them after 12 years of stellar performance reviews.

At first, I steadily looked for work in our dismal economy.  Then this past summer, I specifically decided not to look until September, and to love the moments I had with my children.   I have made it this far by the grace of God (I truly can’t explain how I have financially made it through) – what’s a little longer, right?  I can make money later, but having my kids with me is a “now” kind of thing.

In the meantime, my ex has been through a couple jobs, termed for performance and trying to start a retail business.  He has already filed to reduce child support once even though he knew I had no income.  He is at it again.  He hasn’t paid for August or September, but did find money to pay his attorney to file for a reduction in child support.   Miraculously, he’s also found the money to pay for his daughter to take horseback riding lessons (ch-ching).   Oddly, I don’t care.  I truly would trade every dime from him for our freedom.

So yesterday, I picked up our children from school.  I drove them to the after-care and stayed with them there for a while before their dad would arrive for an evening dinner.  My car started sputtering in a strange way as we made that trip.

Thankfully, it started again as I left the daycare.  My little one requested something from the grocery store to celebrate kindergarten.  I headed there, thinking I would take the car to the repair place the next day.  However, the car didn’t start again at the grocery store.  Despite all the challenges, there are wonderful blessings in my life.  At that moment, I easily found a store employee who jumped my car.  Ironically, he was driving a beat up old Honda Civic, whereas I was driving a much newer car.

Made it to the auto repair place, to find a long list of things that needed repair.  They took me in only 1.5 hours before closing.  They then graciously and easily gave me their loaner car “to make it easier for you”.  I arrived home 10 minutes before my kids.

During this time at the auto repair, I met this woman who was filled with a wonderful spirit.   As she was getting ready to leave, she sent her friend and daughter ahead so she could talk with me a minute.  She was inspiring.  An executive in the federal government, and owned three companies on the side – “for the fun of it”.  We chatted about the job hunt.  She told me really great, encouraging things about how she perceived me during the short time there.  Her recommendation to me was to “Follow your passion”.  She said “if you want a life where you can be with your kids, then focus on that and build around it.  You can do it, it’s out there for you.”

I love people like that, who warm your heart in an instance.   Despite the pending $850 auto repair, I am so thankful for how it played out.  My car stopped working when I didn’t have my kids with me, there was someone there to jump it, the auto repair place took it in immediately (even though all bays were filled), and God put this wonderful woman in my path to encourage me.

Life is Good.


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  1. Ruby says:

    Inspiring, humerous and educational as always.

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