Hurricane Sandy – Made it through one storm!

Outside, there is a light drizzle and the winds have subsided.  We have emerged on the other side of the storm.  For us, we have thankfully found it to be just a wonderful long weekend.  My kids and I happily hung out at home doing things we rarely have time to do – like play with toys, re-organize their rooms, and then dissemble other rooms.  We have had moments of giddy laughter, and I have had moments where I watched mesmorized that they could find a mundane task like paper-shredding to be full of glee.  Very cathartic, and very grateful.  Oh – and we have power too!

I hope everyone else out there in this section of the world is well and safe from Hurricane Sandy – and any property damage is minimal and easily reparable.

5 Responses to “Hurricane Sandy – Made it through one storm!”

  1. JenelleMarie says:

    Very glad that you guys are ok and were able to have some extra ‘down’ time together.

  2. heather says:

    they are : ) thanks

  3. Heather says:

    Glad you made it through. We live in a state untouched by this storm, but many of my family live back east and it’s been a tough storm for some of them.

    • The news looks like there are some places which were much harder hit than others, that’s for sure. Amazing how wide it was and how many places were impacted. I hope your family is ok.

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