My (abusive, narcissistic) dad says…

Quotes from my children:

  • My dad says that I’m useless.
  • My dad says I’m an asshole.
  • My dad says I’m a jerk.
  • and an idiot too.
  • Daddy says that you are an idiot like me, mom, and you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • He also says  you’re not an expert on everything.
  • Daddy says he wants put you in jail, then he can have us with him all the time. I don’t want you to go to jail, mom. I don’t want to be with daddy.
  • Daddy says… You keep us from him.
  • And that it’s all your fault, mom, that we have to go back and forth between our parents.  I feel like a tennis ball.
  • Dad says he loves you, and he would do anything to be married to you and have our family back together.
  • Mom, dad says that you are ridiculous and you have stupid rules about safety.
  • I feel like you are the heart, mom… And dad is the knife that cuts.
  • Sometimes I think that I am the animal, and daddy is the gun.
  • Or I am the ball, and dad is the kicker.
  • I just want to be with you, mom.


5 Responses to “My (abusive, narcissistic) dad says…”

  1. Momo3 says:

    My x comes right out and tells my children, behind my back and in front of me, with them present I every degrading word you can imagine. I’m exhausted, my kids are exhausted. Nothing makes him stop!

    • I’m so sorry. It really stinks, and I’m grappling with the same thing this morning as my daughter is home from school because she was so upset over the continuous raging they received this weekend. There has to be a way to protect the kids from this… it’s one thing for them to learn how to deal with narcissism, it’s another to be constantly abused.

  2. Heather says:

    See my narc is better at this. He would never come out and Call me a bitch or the girls assholes. He rolls his eyes at the right time. He Sighs. When he got caught failing to follow the parenting plan bc he was taking the girls to his place of employment (where he had left them in a car on a hot summer day) he went on this long thing about how “no one was out to hurt me… It’ll be ok..” basically he’s an expert gaslighter and triangulater. He only gets mean to me when I expect him to follow through ob his respOnsibilities.

  3. StrongerMe says:

    When I repossessed the truck (in accordance with my decree), my ex told my boys, “I could just shoot your mother.” It scared the crap out of them because he was so angry, they actually thought that he might do it.
    My youngest son told his therapist that he thinks his dad picks on him because he is weak. She assured him that it was really because he is strong.
    Sometimes this is all VERY VERY exhausting.

    • It is exhausting, you are right. Especially since you don’t realize the extent of the impact until you get into it all. They are very destructive people to those around them and it takes a lot to repel it.

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