Obstacles & Desires

I like this post by David Krueger on Obstacles & Desires we create in our lives.  I think that it is very relevant to everyone – and especially in my situation and other’s like me.  It has to do with the believe that we create our own obstacles in our lives – that for some reason, we are hestitant to actually move forward to what we really desire, and therefore create an obstacle.

In my situation, there are a great many obstacles.  I want to be able to protect my children from being in an abusive situation.  I want to be free from the land of litigation. I want to form a life with a new partner who is wonderful with children and I have a wonderful relationship with.  I want to find a career that fits my lifestyle – wehre I can work from home or work flexible hours, have the benefits my children and I need, and the income that supports us.  I want each day to awake to rainbows, sunshine and love.

So what are my obstacles?  Well… one simple one is that I need to change my language in the paragraph above and ‘replace’ all the ‘I wants” with “I chose” to have this in my life.  The obstacles?  There’s a litiguous ex who wants nothing more than revenge on me for breaking up his image of what he had as a family.   There’s the  (previous) lack of support from professionals to help me protect my children (I say previous, because I believe this to be changing).

Yeah.. so what do I have to do with those obstacles and how am I creating them?  By the law of attraction and other like philosophies – I need to focus more on those things I chose to have in my life and take actions to create them.  I need to stop focusing on how the abusive ex limits us from enjoying our lives and chose to do activities which are enjoyable regardless of the stress he i s trying to cause in our lives.  I have to have faith and believe that God is solving for all these obstacles (like my ex) that I feel I don’t have any control over.

Anyway… food for thought.  Here’s a clip from the article: “So rather than strategizing to overcome, avoid, or defeat an obstacle, simply consider not creating it.  It’s there when you create it; consider using your energy to generate something else instead.  Like what you really want.

Pay attention to the obstacles that you construct, especially to your vocabulary of impediments.  Worry simply holds onto things, as a form of storage.”


4 Responses to “Obstacles & Desires”

  1. JenelleMarie says:

    Such a good post and reminder! I’ve noticed that when i surrender to my faith and God, i find the obstacles aren’t really insurmountable because i’m focusing on other areas. I was so focused on the ex and him creating hell in our lives, it was only making it worse. I then finally somehow gave it up to God and now i’m enrolled full time in college, I have retained an attorney i trust to handle the visitation modification and I feel as if i can breath. And this puts it into words perfectly. I stopped creating obstacles (or feeding already created ones) and have focused on creating ladders in other areas in my life.

  2. JMNC says:

    Love this post today. I’ve decided that every time I’m tempted to put too much energy into fighting with or focusing on the obstacles, I’m putting it into growing my business instead, which is what will ultimately free us.

    I sometimes have to stop my train of thought, deliberately, and choose to think about something else — how to market better, gain more momentum, design a new product. So far, it’s working. It doesn’t lessen the pain when the obstacles take on minds of their own and lash out, but it does put my energy where it needs to be. Thanks again for the reminder!

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