My (Electronic) Vision Board

I believe I previously posted about vision boards and the use of them.  I made one physically just after the changes rolled into my life three years ago.  I have it divided into four sections:  one is my children and our happiness together, the other is focused on our freedom to make our own choices about how we spend our time, and it is filled with pictures of our friends/family and enjoying ourselves with them.  On the other corner is a section of romance and finding the perfect soul mate.  On the other is career.  Oddly – it is empty, because I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do going forward and what is that perfect fit.  My life reflects that still, as I continue to not know what I want to truly be doing and what my purpose here is.  Oh, and there’s another section on the board about being physically healthy and in shape, which was something that was previously very important to me and seems harder and harder to fit into mylife.

This electronic vision board is something I doodled out on my ipad, which was wonderfully given to me and my kids as a Christmas present last year by my brother.  It’s more simple than the version I did years ago, but has the same basic premises.  One of the reasons why I put career & kiddos together is that what I desire is a career that fits reasonably within my children’s school hours and gives me the flexibility to attend events that are important to them.

Now… that said… what is your vision?  Do you have your desired life crystalized in your head?

4 Responses to “My (Electronic) Vision Board”

  1. Julie says:

    I agree about vision board! They work! I have had 4 and have accomplished almost everything on them (except getting Cameron Diaz body). I took down one the other day because I had Halle Berry and her daughter on it, she has inspired me to fight legally for more custody but I don’t like what’s going on lately between her boyfriend and x (to much drama).

    • That’s a good point, to be specific about what you ask for in life and to make sure that you don’t attract parts you want – like the drama in Halle Berry’s life. Very cool about the four and having previously accomplished them! I love it. I’d be happy to post a picture of yours if you don’t mind.

  2. JenelleMarie says:

    I love your virtual board! I think it’s so important for people to have the visual goal/reminder. I used one during the birth of my last child and it made a huge difference on the birth itself.

    Mine is similar. Peace, life away from abuse for all of us, eventually meeting a strong christian man who can father my children as his own and love me as I’m meant to be, a career that I am passionate about and works with our family life, a farm or property away from the city with horses and animals, a front porch swing and a slower, simpler way of life. Lots of love and joy and freedom.

    Through God all things are possible, right?

    • Amen 🙂 Through God and faith in God, yes… all things are possible. Proof of that to me – I have noticed that I often envision and pray for help in even little small items. These small items are answered, when I believe they will be. There are times when I simply envision a parking space open where I want one, and it’s always there. There have been times where I have gotten the kids to school on time, when there is no explainable way how we could have made it the distance we did with the speed limits that are there, in the time we did. Even yesterday, I delivered a pie to someone special when he wasn’t home – he left the keys under his mat, but we couldn’t figure out how to deal with the apartment building pass. “No worries”, I told him. Do you know that God left the door open for me? The magnetic lock was literally just barely not caught together, and I walked right on in and set the pie on his table.

      Yes, all things – small and large are possible!!

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