Affirmations – to give you strength

A good friend of mine gave me a gift: 6 months of premium “Spotify”.  I’m in heaven.  Spotify is an app which streams music… any music you can imagine, it’s there to be played at the touch of a button.  It’s so darn cool.  But guess what?  There’s also other unexpected goodies… presentations by Eckhart Tolle, Theta healing music, yoga recordings, etc.  I came across one that is about “Chakra Healing”.  Some 15 years ago when a rather eclectic friend said she had her “Chakras” read, I said .. “Your WHAT?”.  Now.. well.. maybe I believe in them 😉  (it’s so cool, actually – if you hold a pendant over your body at certain places, it will spin in circles on it’s own… proof to me that we are made of energy).

So, back from my digression…  there’s a “chakra healing mediation” by eLuv I found on spotify.  Within it, she provides a few affirmations.  Boy – whether you’re a believer of chakras, mediation and energy or if you think that good mojo comes from a Twinkie… it doesn’t matter.  The affirmations here are good reminders!  Here’s a couple of the ones that are there, which particularly resonated for me:

  • I assimilate and digest all that comes to me, using both the positive and negative equally to nourish and nuture me. I integrate both equally, knowing that both are energy that I can utilize positively – it is my choice.  I let go of my need to react negatively and allow the energy to dissolve gently, transforming it once again into positive.  This brings me self confidence, knowing that I no longer need to react in the ways that I have in the past. I now take a moment with awareness to chose my reaction.
  • I activate my personal power to attain positive solutions. I am balanced in my emotions, I am nurtured and safe.  I can now release my fears, replacing them with understanding and creativity.  It is okay to say no.  When I say “no” to others, I am saying “yes” to myself.


2 Responses to “Affirmations – to give you strength”

  1. Heather says:

    Yes!!! True that

  2. Larissa Markarian says:

    This was a particularly helpful comment today. I am immensely grateful to know there are others who understand how difficult it is to handle the hurtful aspects of someone with NPD with grace. A post like this one reminds us all that with integrity, grace and personal growth comes healing and empowerment.

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