Hypnosis for Dealing with Narcissists

Life’s been busy.  I am five classes and five A’s :} into a MSW.  However, since I also have to work full time to simply cover the bills, I am stuck at the point of the program where they require “field work” – i.e. to work with clients directly in a program or agency.  The requirement for the second year of study is to do 14 hours per week.  I am trying to figure out how to do that when I work 40+ hours per week (and have to do so), and my kids are in my care full time.  Somehow, God will show me the way to accomplish this if that is what he intends.  In the meantime, I sure have enjoyed the coursework and have learned a lot.

Oftentimes, I come across information (or thoughts) that I feel would be good here on this blog.  I just found this tonight as I am trying to set up a new computer (mine decided to beg for permanent retirement a few months back).  During the set up, it added in bookmarks – of which I have many items which I think I want to read further later.

The one I found is this: http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/difficult-people/narcissist

It’s a CD that they are selling on how to deal with a narcissist, using hypnosis to help re-program the way you react to it.  I’m curious if it would work, and in fact would bet it probably would.  But… not enough to pay $15 for the CD.  For me, I’ll stick with meditation.

I also found this one: http://phoenixsphere.com/category/healing-after-relationship-with-a-narcissist/

This is great in that this poor woman had to grow up with a narcissistic mother, and then played it out later when she married a narcissistic husband.  She then, twenty years later, wound up back in a relationship with the guy after she didn’t see him for 18 years.  It’s NOT great that she had to go through it.  It is great that she worked on healing and was brave enough to post it for others to learn from it.  It is a perfect example that we all have lessons to learn in this life, and situations become available in our life to learn them.  If we learn it, then we can move on from it.  If not, we continue to recreate that situation in our life so we can eventually master it.  

I will look for ways to rekindle the posts on this site that I do.  It is a challenging road to take with a narcissistic person, and anyone in one needs all the help, support and HOPE that they can get.

Lots of love to all.

6 Responses to “Hypnosis for Dealing with Narcissists”

  1. Robin says:

    Thank you for your words. I too am in a relationship with someone I had been with in 15 years. I am now recognizing how I’ve been emotionally, psychologically preyed upon, manipulated, and spit back out, with no compassion, or “love”. It has been at the expense of my 15 yr old daughter, her sense of trust, security, and psychological state, worst of all.

    It’s difficult to come to grips, and processing the fault, understanding that you are a victim of a sick mind.

    Thank you for your words of clarity.


  2. Jen C says:

    This is good info; I’m in the same predicament, only complicated by the fact he has residential custody, alienated my daughter from me, and I have a 16 yo disabled child now turning to crime. I don’t know what to do

  3. Heather says:

    PS By NC, I mean: I have already planned out my ‘permanent escape’, ie, legally changing my name (I still currently go by the married last name), moving elsewhere, closing all social networking/email accts and opening new, changing the phone number…all of the above so he and any of his followers no longer have any avenue to even remotely contact me. The girls are already aware of my intentions to do so.

  4. Heather says:

    While I’m not sure about hypnosis, I have been in and out of professional therapy for about 10 years, learning how to deal with my family dysfunction as well as the ‘ex’ and his antics.

    Hoping others will see my post here, as I am curious to find out if anyone has truly gone ‘no contact’ with their ex N and been successful at it after the kids are all 18 and over?

    I have no problem with going NC as soon as possible, which will be exactly May 18, 2018 (LOL!). I guess my issue comes in where the girls are concerned in their own lives, ie college, college graduations, weddings, grandkids…you know, big things that they will have to decide which of us is allowed at certain points if I really go NC once they’re adults.

    Just wondering how and if this works, and if anyone who has or is there has any pointers. I certainly do not want to put my daughters in those awkward positions, but I also don’t want to choose to miss out on something like their wedding simply because I am NC with their N father. I guess the potential weddings are the biggest ones I can see having the major stress factor to them…would I just attend and keep my distance from him, or is truly NC the only way to handle him once I no longer have to ‘co-parent’ with him?



  5. Dawn Hines says:

    Hello ‘Natalia the Great’
    I am praying for your joy, energy & faith to stay close to the surface every day of your life. I LOVE your website and am SO grateful it is free! I am going to purchase the meditation CD and let you know how it works. I am 48, 4 years into active recovery, strong in faith of God and Metaphysical Science and have a raging case of lifetime ADD. I learned to meditate at Promises and it takes a little extra work for me, however, it is AMAZING when I can achieve the ZEN state. I will write back within the week to share with you. Again, I am so grateful for the info available on this website I’d move mountains for you, kid!!

    • Jen C says:

      I too have commonalities with you, Dawn. Can’t ever see going NC, as that’s what his father did to his mother after she served him papers five days after we were married!

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