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There are a few products that I have used along the way and would love to endorse.


Most recording devises are bulky.  This one fits in my flat-chested bra easily.  The biggest upside?  It has no audio output whatsoever… so I can’t accidently hit a button and have it beep.  The downside is that it does have a screen that lights up.  It picks up sound well, and I have even put it in the inside of my daughter’s coat at times (not the pocket… I cut the coat). Now… I have no idea about laws in whatever country or state you are located in and what is legal or not.  In my state, it is legal to record if there is a reason to believe there is abuse occuring.  I have never used these recordings.  However, it does make  me feel more secure knowing that I am recording every single interaction with my ex – who used to blow up at me in the blink of an eye.   He now knows to be even more passive aggressive and covert in his actions, but there’s always the risk and if anything occurs – I’d love to have a recording to point to for the truth.

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Black)



Whether you’re with your kid in a large crowded space yourself, or sending them off to visitation with a more neglectful parent, there’s something about knowing you’ve empowered your kid with a way to make it back to you if lost that helps a ton.  We’ve tried these tattoos ourselves (my five year old doesn’t remember my phone number yet) and they have stayed on over 3 weeks.  That’s awesome stuff 🙂

I’ve also, for the record, had a dog tag in my son’s shoe for years now.  This works if the ex doesn’t change his shoes.  But, since the $50 lightweight japanese brand sneakers that my kids wear and love aren’t sold in Nordstrom’s, they aren’t fashionable enough so he often changes their shoes.  This is wear the tattoo came into play.

Quick Stick Write-on! Child ID Tattoos (Gender Neutral Variety 6pk.)



I want to note that his work is amazing.  I remember reading somewhere in there that the SAFEST THING FOR A LOST KID TO DO  is to look for a mom who has children (or at least a woman), and then tell them they are lost and need help.

Statistics show that women will stay with a lost child until they are reunited with a parent much more often than men.  Most men will leave the situation once the child is handed over to store officials, police, etc.  As a person who once found a lost boy in a street fair… and the lost boy spoke NO ENGLISH, but could point to a business card in his backpack and we could call his mom… I can attest that this philosophy works.  I only walked away once I saw that Mom’s crying face be reunited with her little ~ 4 year old son.


I wholeheartedly back up that every infant in the world should be trained this way.  I had my son trained when he was just turning 3.  The day he was tested to see if he could swim/float/swim to safety with all his winter clothes on – I cried tears of joy.  I couldn’t believe what I saw and how it layered on one more layer of protection for him.  My ex has a pool without any fence between the pool and the house – and REFUSED to add one, even on the recommendation of a safety company.  In addition to prayer and faith, this is what brought me peace of mind.  I’m still questioned today on how I produced such a strong swimmer, and I point all fingers to


This is something I haven’t tried personally – the pricing seems crazy to me as the device is $200 and they charge monthly fees to track.  It is possible to track a GPS enabled cell phone device as well – so if your child is carrying a cell phone and you’re worried where they might be with the narcissistic parent, then it will work just fine. is one option.  If it’s an android, blackberry or iphone, then google Latitude works decently well too.

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  1. Maria says:

    Another great one is evernote… i have it on my phone, and you can logon to it online… the amount of times i said ‘ i must make note of that’ and havnt… now i just add a new note anytime s.thing happens… so great to have every event archived and dated…so important for court at a later date…you can also add photos, voice notes, audio, screenshots…
    Now i can flick throught events that hapoened and now exactly when they happened…and my quick notes and times of events.. this and recording his calls are my best tools.

  2. J- says:
    I have kept a gps in my daughter’s diaper bag for nearly a year. This led to further investigation (because of his constant lies) where I found out that he was leaving our 1-yr old unattended in the car. A hot car. Thankfully I found out, though not much came of it as it’s not a crime in my state. However, I still have more peace of mind knowing where she is. I’d rather not pay the monthly fees, but it provides more than it’s weight in gold in peace of mind.

    • Wow – it’s amazing that it hasn’t been discovered. My ex found the recording device and went a bit ballistic. It’s illegal in my state to do the GPS device, but I can sneak in a phone which is gps enabled and track it. It is peace of mind in knowing where they are!

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